INTUX workshop carried out in cooperation with National Council of Disability Organizations of Slovenia

On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, as part of the Erasmus+ INTUX project at UM FERI, in cooperation with the organization NSIOS (National Council of Disability Organizations of Slovenia), members of Institute of informatics carried out a workshop where we evaluated good practices that enable more effective inclusion of users with disabilities in the process of preparation and implementation of user testing. When including users with disabilities in user testing, it is necessary to consider various factors that significantly affect the success of the participation of such users. The identified good practices aim to improve the conditions for successfully including users with disabilities in the user testing process. We are very grateful for the positive response and the active participation of many people with various disabilities (impaired vision, deafness, cerebral palsy, paraplegia and amputation) who attended the workshop from different parts of Slovenia. The workshop was also attended by representatives of disabled people’s associations, teaching staff and experts who work with the mentioned issue in the teaching and research process. At the same time, workshops were carried out in three EU countries (Spain, Latvia and Slovenia). The results of this successfully conducted workshop will provide the basis for further activities planned within the project.

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