Intelligent Systems Laboratory

The Laboratory for Intelligent Systems researches intelligent systems, machine learning, data analytics, decision-making systems and computational intelligence, while applying them mainly in the fields of medical informatics, software engineering and business processes. We have over 20 years of experience in the analysis, design, implementation, integration and evaluation of intelligent systems with artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, addressing the process of discovering knowledge in data as a whole.

Main research areas

  • intelligent data analysis,
  • optimization and computational intelligence,
  • analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of machine learning technologies, methods and algorithms,
  • data engineering for machine learning,
  • semantic integration of data,
  • applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence methods and techniques,
  • design and implementation of machine learning and computational intelligence methods for intelligent systems,
  • engineering of intelligent systems,
  • analysis, design and development of the intelligent solutions evaluation and assessment methods,
  • integration of intelligent systems into business processes.

Laboratory members


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