How to reach us

Maribor and Slovenia in general is easily reached due to its geographical location in the southern part of Central Europe.

By Air

Ljubljana Airport (140 kms), the capital, has regular schedule flights to most major European cities (Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, London, Moscow…). Maribor is very close (50 kms) to Graz, Austria’s second largest city. It is only an hour away, therefore Graz Airport would be the best choice. Alternatively, you can fly to Vienna/Austria (250 kms), Zagreb/Croatia (140 kms), Venice/Italy (350 kms), or Budapest/Hungary (350 kms).

By Train

Maribor can be reached by train as there are direct trains from Austria (Vienna, Graz), Germany (Berlin, Leipzig), Hungary (Budapest) and Croatia (Zagreb). Maribor can also be reached from Venice with one stop in Zidani Most, Slovenia.

By Car

  • All major European motorways via Venice (Italy), Vienna, Salzburg, Graz (Austria) or Budapest (Hungary) etc., are connected with Maribor.


  • From Graz (A): E57/E59
  • From Budapest (H): E71/E59
  • From Zagreb (Hr): E59/E70
  • From AUSTRIA (VIENNA) – follow the south motorway to Graz and then to Slovenia, entry Šentilj / Spielfeld, direction Maribor, you can go by old road or motorway Šentilj – Maribor (Pesnica) – (in this case you have to pay less than 1 Euro).
  • From ITALY or LJUBLJANA; from entry Fernetiči follow the motorway to Slovenia (Ljubljana) and then to Maribor.

Additional info

  • Motorists are required to have their headlights on all the time.
  • Third party liability insurance is required for all vehicles (a “green card”).
  • The speed limit is 50kph in residential areas, 90kph outside and 130kph on freeways.
  • Police are using stationary radars (micro-wave, laser “pistols”) and mobile radars in unmarked cars.
  • max. 10% over the limit is tolerated, but not in residental areas and especially not near schools (marked “SOLA”)
  • Drivers and ALL passengers must wear seat belts.
  • Up to 0.24g/kg (0.24 promile) alcohol in blood is permitted. Police is VERY strict about this rule.
  • An international driver’s licence is recommended.
  • In Slovenia, to use major freeways and highways you need to buy the Slovenian Vignette. Please see link for further details.


  • Parking in Slovenia is relatively safe (please use the regular precautions – do not leave valuables in your car).
  • Hotels usually have parking lots reserved for their guests – please ask at the reception.
  • Parking lots marked with “blue line” (in the “blue zone”) are not for free – please find a parking machine, which are usually very close. They take euro coins (or smaller bills) for 90 min parking.

Border formalities

Since Slovenia is a Schengen member country, there are no border controls at borders to Austria, Italy and Hungary. However, there is a border control at the border to Croatia. Border formalities are minimal and correspond to European standards. Citizens of European Union countries, Switzerland, Hungary and Croatia may cross the border using a valid personal identity document only. Please consult The ministry of Foreign Afairs for the details regarding the entry to Slovenia.

Once in Maribor

Good maps of Maribor can be found on Google maps. In case you get lost, just ask the locals for the directions (use German or English) for your hotel.

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