Motivating girls in ICT

By collecting and publishing quotes from fellow girls and women in ICT, we wish to motivate future engineers.

Everything may be taken from you except knowledge.

Aida Kamišalić Latifić
University of Maribor

Diversity opens the door to worlds that will increase our knowledge.

Welzer Družovec Tatjana
Tatjana Welzer Družovec
University of Maribor

Dream big, work hard, learn from your mistakes and success will follow.

Lucija Brezočnik
University of Maribor

We do not regret things we have done, but those we did not do.

Kuhar Saša
Saša Kuhar
University of Maribor

Diverse groups are better at solving problems than homogeneous groups, so it is important for girls to enter ICT.

Nemec Zlatolas Lili
Lili Nemec Zlatolas
University of Maribor

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