PROCESSUS®  Methodology

The PROCESSUS® Methodology was developed in 90s in the scope of the project  “PROCESSUS – Assessment and improvement of quality of information system development “, which was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and 14 participating Slovenian companies.

The research objectives of the PROCESSUS project were:

  • Development of a quality model based on ISO and SEI CMM models.
  • Definition of assessment methodology for appraisal of software process maturity.
  • Establishment of training procedure and corresponding handbooks.
  • Development of a tool for computer supported software process assessment and evaluation of results.

The results of the PROCESSUS appraisal provide insight to the organizational, methodological and technological aspects of process maturity level as well as guidelines for improvement of software process maturity and providing compliance with existing standards. The PROCESSUS® methodology has been successfully applied in many Slovenian companies. It was accompanied with the PRO + method, aimed at evaluating the quality of software products. Subsequent scientific& research work in the SPI field has been focused on the definition and use of new quality metrics and project size estimations methods. The PROCESSUS methodology has significantly contributed to the international reputation and successful international cooperation of the Institute of Informatics.

Published in:

Ivan Rozman,Romana Vajde Horvat, József Györkös, Marjan Heričko. PROCESSUS – Integration of SEI CMM and ISO quality models. Software quality journal, ISSN 0963-9314. March 1997, vol. 6, no. 1, str. 37-63.

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