Intelligent fault tolerant control in integrated systems

Project IFATIS was partly funded by EC under the IST programme of the Fifth Framework Programme. It contributed to the overall goal of increasing the system reliability and dependability to meet the high performance, availability and safety requirements on complex control systems. The major goal of IFATIS was to establish a framework of intelligent fault tolerant control (FTC) technology, which provided control engineers and scientists with advanced methods to approach FTC problems in complex control systems in a systematic way. It was achieved by the development of a novel system architecture, a hardware platform and a software tool for the integrated design of the real time, multilevel FTC systems. A modular and hierarchically structured fault tolerant system based on a functional decomposition of complex systems was designed. Advanced FDI and FTC methods are integrated in the functional units and modules at different levels.  The final goal for practical prototype implementation was the customization of the achieved results to different technical systems and processes. The main contribution of UM FERI was physical implementation of the IFATIS architecture. The IFATIS FT platform, a distributed multiprocessor framework, was based on TI TMS320C6711 DSPs and a dual fault tolerant and temporally predictable TTCAN communication infrastructure. Communication- and universal peripheral modules have been developed providing various FT features. Communication among the modules was done transparently to the user, employing the replicated distributed shared memory principle. As the user interface, the IFATIS Control Center was developed.

Published in:

MAIER, Uwe, COLNARIČ, Matjaž. Some basic ideas for intelligent fault tolerant control systems design. V: CAMACHO, E. F. (ur.), BASÁÑEZ, L. (ur.), PUENTE, J. A. de la (ur.). Proceedings of the 15th Triennial World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control : 21st-26th July, 2002, Barcelona, Spain.

COLNARIČ, Matjaž, VERBER, Domen, HALANG, Wolfgang A.. Distributed embedded control systems : improving dependability with coherent design, (Advances in industrial control). Hagen: Springer, cop. 2010. XVII, 250 str., ilustr. ISBN 978-1-84996-715-0. ISBN 978-1-84800-052-0.

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