Web page: http://ekosmart.net

The purpose of the EkoSmart program is to develop a smart city ecosystem with all the support mechanisms necessary for efficient, optimized and gradual integration of individual areas into a unified and coherent system of value chains.

The program focuses on three key domains of smart cities: health, active living and mobility; and forms strategic relationships with municipalities and other areas of smart cities, such as energy, smart buildings, involvement of citizens, smart communities, etc.

EkoSMART introduces the universal architecture of a smart city, based on the combination of self-learning and self-optimizing agents able to find a common Nash equilibrium even between inhomogeneous sources; this architecture enables the realization of all the concepts of smart cities, such as interoperability, self-adaptivity and self-configurability, open data, semantic interoperability, and integration of social capital.

In terms of economy, the vision of the EkoSmart program is to launch Slovenian solutions in the field of smart cities on the world market. The realization of this vision is based on several major approaches: concentration of knowledge and experience, focus on the user, evolutionary development, and flexible architecture.


The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.


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