Lucija Brezočnik and Jani Dugonik participated at the IEEE CEuSYP’23 Congress

One of the main goals of the Central European Student and Young Professionals (CEuSYP) Congress is to bring students and young professionals together, increase the interest of students to remain volunteers after graduation and participate in the activities of their local Young Professional affinity groups. Special focus was also the transfer of knowledge to new volunteers, as well as recently established or reactivated student branches and Young Professionals affinity groups. The event was impeccably organized, delivering everything expected in a Congress – informative sessions about IEEE, personal and professional growth workshops, and ample networking opportunities.

Lucija Brezočnik, as a member of the IEEE Region 8 Humanitarian Activities Committee (IEEE R8 HuAC), presented how technology and related IEEE programs can help solve local problems. She focused mainly on the presentation of the SIGHT groups (IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology) and the new funding programs of the IEEE R8 HuAC committee, which can be found on the website

Jani Dugonik, as a corresponding member of the IEEE Region 8 Women in Engineering Subcommittee (IEEE R8 WIE), presented the 2023 annual report on the number of members, number of affinity groups, programs and awards.

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