Company Databox gave invited lecture to ITK UN 3rd year students

On Monday, 9th of January 2023, Dr. Uroš Trstenjak and Luka Reisman from the Databox company presented the main challenges and solutions they encounter in integrating modern information solutions and services. First, they held a presentation on the Databox company, the basics of the Databox app, and the most common integration methods. After the presentation of the main concepts, students were challenged with a practical task, where they had to use their programming skills to integrate data from any source or API and push it to the app using the created custom token. They had to study the SDKs provided by Databox, define custom metrics, and develop a Databoard for visualizing data. This exciting lecture, together with the practical work, was an excellent experience for the students and an opportunity to upgrade the knowledge acquired during their studies.


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