Seminar: Interlinking with regional stakeholders

We’d like to invite you to ATHENA European University four-part seminar series regarding ‘The European University initiative, from European policy to practice on the ground: Solutions for smart integration’.

The second seminar discusses ‘Interlinking with regional stakeholders: how can European University alliances integrate industrial innovation ecosystems?’ at the University of Siegen and online on Tuesday 30 November, 4 pm CET.

This seminar looks at the ways in which European University alliances can work with regional ecosystems (economic partners, local authorities etc.), for mutual benefit. The main focus will be on local industry and the ways in which it can cooperate with an international university network to increase the employability of university graduates and create innovative life-long learning opportunities.

To participate please register here:…/1FAIpQLSdsRaZwLkb76F…/viewform

Please find a full description and more information of the seminar series at

We hope to see you there!

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