ExesInTheSkies Platform

Subject: Service Science and Innovations, second year of masters degree
Authors: Tomaž Leopold, Klemen Grebovšek, Nejc Zagrušovcem in Tomaž Zazijal

Nowadays, a significant problem with managing natural disasters such as major fires and floods remains. Recently, we observed major fires in California and Australia and major floods in China, where there was a lot of damage and many injured, in extreme cases, even deaths. Managing interventions in such situations is one of the major problems, as rescue teams still make decisions with subjective human reason. The key decisions that have to be taken are keeping a fire, holding a flood, finding the injured people and people in distress, and getting the injured and the rescue teams to their destination in one piece. Significant problems also arise in need to search for lost people in a larger environment, ensure constant security from different perspectives, and immediately report when anomalies occur.

As a team, we came up with a solution in the form of a platform through which we can provide assistance in various situations with sensors’ help. Here we are talking mainly about drones, which have the necessary sensors installed to obtain the essential data, which allow us to make objective decisions based on machine learning techniques. Although the emphasis is on the use of drones, other devices are possible in the future that can travel by land and underwater and have the necessary sensors installed. The platform allows the registration of devices and taking over their control to jointly assist in situations such as fires, floods, security, and search for people. The solution would make money by selling licenses to use the platform, which could vary depending on the type and frequency of platform usage. Such orders would be managed through BearingPoint Beyond’s Infonova solution. We would also offer a specially adapted drone, which could be manufactured with the help of a partnership of the company “DJI”. Such collaboration with a well-established company would enable a small provision from each purchase.

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