City Drive

Subject: Service Science and Innovations, second year of masters degree

Authors: Blaž Kocbek, Žiga Donko, Aljaž Zajc, Timotej Cesar

More and more city centers are closing off to cars for ecological reasons, limiting the residents’ ability to get from one side of the city to the other in a fast and easy way.

Does it happen all too often that your phone is filled with numerous apps for finding and using alternative transportation methods to reach your desired location? Are you wasting precious time searching through many different offers from different public transport companies?

With the City Drive app, we offer a simple solution to your problems. Our application will help you choose the best and fastest route depending on your wishes. It will show you the closest available alternative means of transport together with their information – all gathered with the help of IoT technology via the 5G network. If your route is not possible with just one transport vehicle, the platform will offer you a combined route with different transport means. Your payment is still just one click away since our platform uses BearingPoint Beyond integration to distribute your one-time payment among our partners.

To expand our partnerships, the platform will offer special deals for our partner’s employees. Moreover, all City Drive app users will receive vouchers to promote regular use, sharing the platform amongst friends, and protecting the environment.

To keep the app profitable for all investors, we charge a small provision alongside every transaction, which will be beneficial to partners in the long run by expanding the user circle and gaining data on user behavior and recommendations on improving your service.

With the help of BearingPoint, we are searching for partners in the business of renting eco-friendly vehicles. One of our company’s main priorities will be connecting municipalities and companies interested in using and further developing our project. With our partnership, these companies can offer their employees the added value of fast transport to work and a more ecological way of life.

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